Immigrant Assimilation Essay

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Every healthy human person is formed in this way, though each must find his own answers in his own time and place.

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The cords of attachment to family, one's religious home, one's community, as they are strengthened, weakened, or exchanged during one's lifetime, make up one's identity.Different peoples have always had their own stories, myths, music, and gods, and they have taken pride in what makes their people special.For the individual members of a nation, to see these differences is to identify one's fellows and to see where one belongs.Such charges are deeply wrongheaded and damaging to the public discourse; there is real evil in racism, and it is counterproductive to pretend it is the same as the mere recognition of difference.Western society has forgotten that such distinctions are at the root of human identity.Just as belonging to a particular family gives an individual a sense of himself as a family member, being part of a nation also forms an important aspect of an individual's sense of self.In many enlightened, elite circles today, this recognition of group difference (or sameness within one's own group) is frowned upon, and sometimes condemned as nationalist or even racist.Without them it's hard, if not impossible, to answer the big questions.Just as each individual is defined by these attachments and his own history, and each family has its own identity with its own rules, history, and traditions, so every nation has its own identity.This is merely another front in the same battle that some immigrants face: that between a dominant universal secularism and a culture that recognizes God — a culture populated by infinitely plastic identities versus one based on metaphysically informed identities rooted in reality, as George Weigel described in the Spring 2013 issue of this magazine.Modern life in the secular, anti-metaphysical West has been bled dry of meaning beyond the material, and it is leading to an identity crisis not just for immigrants but for modern man in general.


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