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Euryalos kills four men, the last two of whom, Aesepos and Pedasos, a nymph named Abarbare bore when she met a man named Boukolion, a shepherd tending his flocks.Boukolion was the son of Laomedon, a haughty man, and his mother bore him secret.Let us pause to admire Ajax, son of Telamon, one of Homer’s most arresting creations.

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For instance, when Zeus turns away from the battle, it is a signal to us that his plan is on hold and the Greeks are going to prosper, as happens in Book Fourteen when Hera beguiles him into a midday tryst.

When Zeus allows the gods to fight each other in Book 21, we know that nothing serious can happen and that Zeus is taking a break.

In these first duels, Homer underscores the gravity of the Trojans’ situation by showing us all of the principal Greek warriors, Ajax, Diomedes, Odysseus, and Agamemnon, killing Trojans.

The poet structures his battle narrative there around the , or moment of special prowess, of Diomedes.

In Books Four through Seven, the plan of Zeus—to make the Greeks suffer for not giving Achilles what he wants—is on hold, as Diomedes leads a successful Greek charge toward Troy.


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