If A Problem Can Be Solved

Life is awesome, and everything will be a piece of cake from this moment on for the rest of our lives, right?

😉 Well, as we know the problems and challenges we face don’t stop after we have learned to walk.

They want to go to the bathroom and there’s the stranger taking a shower.

They want to go to bed, and the stranger is already sleeping on their pillow.

Other typical problems we might need to deal with include: I, of course, could go on-and-on listing all the kinds of typical life problems that we all tend to go through each day of our lives. You already know that problems are an unavoidable part of life.

In fact, they are a part of every journey, and especially prevalent when we venture into uncharted territories; for that is when we are challenged to the highest degree.Unfortunately, most people don’t tend to deal with problems in this way. But the stranger is still there eating your cereal on your favorite seat first thing in the morning.No matter how much you try and ignore them, it doesn’t change the fact that sooner or later you will need to deal with this “elephant in the room”.This is, of course, a saying that something is lingering around that must be dealt with sooner or later.What typically happens is that people just don’t want to deal with their problems.For most people, this is a very uncomfortable process having this stranger in their home.What makes things worse is that this stranger is consistently getting in their way.In fact, they can even help us see ourselves in a new light.But life’s problems are overbearing and inconvenient. It’s easier to just live a carefree life without having to deal with problems, right?And just maybe you can use their presence in your life to actually help you accomplish a goal you have been working towards for some time now.But you will of course never fully capitalize on this opportunity if you resist the stranger’s presence.


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