Ielts Task 2 Essay Structure

Ielts Task 2 Essay Structure-13
You should plan for at least 5 minutes before you start to write. ” IELTS essay planning means you can write faster because you already know what you’re going to write.Without a plan, you frequently have to stop and think about your ideas while you are writing.You might get to your destination eventually, but it will take a long time because you will take lots of wrong turns on the way.

In our example, this is the question: So your task is to state whether you agree or disagree with this idea, to explain your opinion, and to give examples to support your opinion.

When you plan your IELTS essay, always remember your task.

This means you will get a higher band score for Task Response.

IELTS essay planning means you can put your ideas, explanations and examples into a clear structure before you start to write.

All we need to do now is drop our ideas into this structure, and add some explanations and examples After these 4 steps, you should have some sensible ideas, which respond in a focused way to the given task, organized into a clear structure.

All you need to do now is turn your plan into an essay using a wide range of vocabulary, a wide variety of grammatical structures, and with your ideas linked together with some cohesive devices.

The most important skill in IELTS essay writing is to plan your essay properly.

Writing an IELTS essay without a plan is like setting out for a new destination without a map.

IELTS essay planning means your essay will answer the question properly.

Your writing is less likely to include irrelevant ideas and examples because you thought about your ideas in advance.


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