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DD lost out on uni place as her Product design coursework (50% of her grade) has dropped from a borderline A* (according to her school) to a C which changes her overall grade from an A to a C. I wish I knew what to suggest, other than contacting the That's a really awful situation.

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All the places are going at universities so I don’t know what can be done. Dropped 6 marks from an A* to an A and she is now 2 marks of an A*.I am over the moon but I think as it is so close(2 marks) it's frustrating as she got A* in her mock and every essay.Happened to my DD with Product Design GCSE last year and her overall grade went from an A* to a B, she missed the A by one mark..affected all her PD class- with some very upset girls.The college/6th form exam office should be able to advise.Rest assured, someone in the college / 6th form will be getting a tough meeting for something like that happening, not that it helps your DC in the meantime I assume the school will seek a remark.This means that DDs marks would have see her well in A* last year or year before. The problem here is that no teacher can tell any student their coursework has got a particular grade.The grades are only set for a cohort after all coursework files are in nationally for the board andhave been moderated.Plus the boundary for A* on coursework is usually much higher than exam ones so a drop to an A is not beyond the realms of possibility, especially if the new specification differs significantly from the old spec.For example, if I'm not careful I still find myself marking mock exams too harshly for the new spec a couple of years in because it's much easier to get high marks on the new spec than the old one. The other thing for staff to consider is that standards canbe a little easier in the first run through and then once the board have a cohort or two to judge it, things tend to steady out. The school seemed concerned and were querying it, as the teacher felt he had been on the strict side when marking.And if it is an issue of poor teaching then the school should be advocating for your DD with the universities she applied for.Happened to a friend of DDs who missed her required grade because of poor teaching.


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