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Practitioners across legal, records, compliance, and IT struggle to identify, analyze, and act on unstructured data in preparation for a data clean-up project, merger/acquisition/divestiture, e Discovery request, records classification, internal investigation, cloud migration, or even a data analytics project.Learn how IBM Stored IQ is conquering big data and serving as an information governance “start button” for today’s enterprise organizations.In the past, Stoller has relied on fairly sophisticated data-driven targeting to drive registrations for a free trial download of Watson Analytics, targeting professionals in the marketing, information technology, and analytics field.

Results Using this Account Based Marketing approach, Bombora Linked In combination drove powerful results.

About Bombora Bombora is the leading provider of intent data for B2B marketers.

Armed with this data on surging companies, [email protected] used Linked In Sponsored Content and Linked In Account Targeting to serve in-feed advertising to the right people at companies demonstrating an interest in tools like Watson Analytics.

“We also layered in functional targeting with Linked In to reach technology and marketing professionals who were most likely to engage around Watson messaging,” said Veronica Luik, Programmatic Group Planning Director at [email protected]

Bombora monitors the normal level of content consumption on specific topics from within a company or business location.

When content consumption increases — or ‘surges’ — it indicates that the business is more likely to be in active research mode prior to a purchase cycle.

Even when you seemingly do everything right, things can go wrong.

It’s times like those where we may be tempted to throw our hands in the air and say “Enough!

But Linked In can be even more powerful when external data sources are brought to bear.

One such data source is B2B intent data from Bombora.


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