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Hint: Read more about how to brand your Team Viewer modules.If the device is not assigned to you, there are two ways to assign this remotely.

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By assigning a device to a Team Viewer account, the device can be remotely managed and monitored by the account at any time.

Remotely monitoring a device gives you the ability to check for common issues like If you use a Host module to roll out the software to your endpoints, the devices will be assigned and added to your contacts list automatically.

Click the name of your registrar below to find the step by step instructions on how to change your nameservers.

If your registrar is not listed, contact them directly.

If you don’t already own the domain you want to use, you will need to purchase one through a domain registrar.

Some of the most popular registrars are Godaddy.com, Namecheap.com, Name.com, and Gandi.net, just to name a few. Once you have a domain, use one of the following methods to point your domain to our servers through your registrar’s control panel. Point your name servers to Pressable: Not sure how to complete these steps?However, note that the course assigned to a section is just the first one that students will see when they log in - they can continue to access any other course at any time by visiting org once logged in.You can change the course you're viewing progress in in your 'view progress' tab by changing the dropdown list at the top to any other course, to see how your students are doing in courses other than the one assigned.NOTE: You will also be prompted to reassign an agent's contacts before you remove an agent from a group NOTE: If you use Assigned messaging strategy, these contacts will still be included if targeted without needing to be assigned.But if you use assigned goals, be sure those contacts are assigned so they are messaged!You can find the specific IP address for your Pressable site in the My Pressable control panel: After you have updated the DNS settings at your registrar, visit your My Pressable Control Panel.After clicking your site’s name scroll to the Launch Your Site section of the page.If you are sent a coupon code, or multiple coupon codes, you will need to assign them to a specific person.If you are only sent one coupon and are registering yourself, you can sign into your coupon manager and redeem the coupon under your name.This guide will explain how to reassign contacts in a Hustle group.You will need organization or group level access to perform these actions.


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