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If the instructor agrees to grant a grade of "I" to reflect that the course work is incomplete, the instructor will indicate what work remains to be completed, the deadline to complete the outstanding work, and what the grade will be if the student fails to complete that work by the deadline.

Instructors are not required to grant a grade of "I" and will adhere to program specific policies about granting a grade of “I”.

A personal statement will be a good place to address this.

In addition, you can take additional courses, read as many works in your proposed field, and try to have a well developed study plan to give confidence to the committee that you are as competitive as the other candidates.

Encompassing the humanities, digital design, education, and history, our departments carry on the great tradition of liberal arts colleges.

Each department emphasizes project-based learning experiences and the development of critical skills in order to prepare students for lifelong success.Visit Stack Exchange I am doing undergraduate in engineering but I want a transition to humanities for masters (history, anthropology). Should I take prerequisite courses at a community college or through online/distance education?While I think the other way around (transitioning from the humanities to the sciences) might be harder, if you can demonstrate that you are serious and prepared to undertake graduate training in the humanities, it is definitely doable.If the work is completed after the start of the autumn quarter of the next academic year, a grade of “R” will be recorded.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.In my sociology department (Ph D track, we didn't have a separate MA program and most entered straight after undergraduate school), many of my colleagues did not have any sociology training.While most of them came from related fields of economics, political science, and psychology, there were people with math and physics backgrounds and these were sometimes the people who were doing the most innovative and interdisciplinary work.Most teacher candidates at university-based programs don't have extensive faculty-supervised K-12 classroom time until their senior year.As a sophomore, elementary education major Abigail Higgins is breaking that mold thanks to the new elementary teacher residency model at RWU.The course instructor is expected to evaluate the work as quickly as feasible upon receipt of the completed work.After the work has been completed and when a quality grade is submitted with the Office of the Registrar before the start of the autumn quarter of the next academic year, no intervening “I” will be recorded.


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