Human Trafficking Essays

Additionally, insensitive nature of implemented policies governing immigration exploitation in the country is contributing to the rise.As sex trafficking in US is rising, the government is as well increasing its interests and concerns of pursuing the causes aiming at eradicating the overall process.Unlike in the past years when the act rarely involved high funding from ‘third parties’ and well organized shareholders, currently, the act has shocking dimensions.

Sex trafficking is an inhuman trade act that mostly faces young girls and women in US.

Over years, nations in different continents are facing increased cases of human trafficking.

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In US, sex trafficking among Somali immigrants is a clear form of modern slavery.

Sex traffickers in the modern US society are making huge amounts of money from the trafficking process leaving innocent Somali girls and women vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Trade, education, and as well health are some of the factors contributing to the increased number of immigrants in United States (Jeffrey pg. Often, different nations have different immigration policies that guard and protect the rights of the immigrants when in the new country.

Unlike in other nations, United Sates has a discrete branch of government that protects these rights.

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