How Women Are Portrayed In The Media Essay

Males should dominate and conquer everything and come out victorious.

Females on the other hard are supposed to be soft, emotional and caring as well as supportive to those around them as well as their male counterparts.

It is important to ensure that what the media shows or the message it delivers, whether directly or indirectly, is appropriate.

The message should reflect the positive side of the society’s expectations because with time, whatever is in the media today will start playing in real life.

The media has shown that women as the weaker ones, whose role is not major unlike the male gender who are strong and fearless and are depicted as the stronger sex.

In employment, most employees in the media such as radio and TV are male with the females occupying a lesser percentage.The role of women as depicted by media is that they are more valuable in their youth and how they exhibit their beauty and sexuality.In media production, whether television programs, film or music videos, females are presented in a demeaning manner from their dressing, roles and character.The costs of productions of movies with male characters as the leading actor have a higher production budget than those with a female.There is evidence that the more expensive films to produce are more successful and so this favors the male-acted movies more.Such bias in packaging media information and presenting the female gender less capable than the males does not help in empowering females. Women are only a focus on a few matters unlike men who dominate business, political and various other news items.This negatively makes girls believe men are the only ones who can make news.In media training colleges, the number of females is slightly above that of males.This notwithstanding, in the job market there are about a third of employees who are females, showing that there is a great gender based bias while recruiting which favors males.They are to subordinate men and work toward supporting them and making their life comfortable.In gender matters, the role that media has played in influencing people’s perception of the differences between male and female and expectations of each gender is big.


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