How Will Be The World In The Future Essay

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We’re already seeing a shift in the definition of work: it’s now a task you perform, not a place you go to. In MYOB’s report The Future of Business – Australia 2040***, chief technology officer Simon Raik-Allen suggests we will see a return to more vibrant local communities as people work within walking distance of their homes.Productivity is no longer measured by sitting at a desk. ‘Rather than the office, or even the remote workspace, localised centres will emerge as the home of business – giant warehouses, which are used by employees from many different companies, spread around the globe…

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It would be tempting to roll out the clichés – food pills, flying cars and bases on the moon – but the reality will probably be less exciting.

What it won’t be like: The scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) where Violet Beauregarde has a three-course roast dinner in a stick of chewing gum.

What it could be like: In an article for Time*, Google’s Ray Kurzweil says: ‘The next major food revolution will be vertical agriculture in which we grow food in AI-controlled vertical buildings rather than horizontal land: hydroponic plants for fruits and vegetables and in-vitro cloned meat.’ This change is already happening.

Hey, don’t knock a roasted grasshopper until you’ve tried one.

What it won’t be like: The movie Her (2013), where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with an artificial intelligence (AI) operating system that has Scarlett Johansson’s voice.


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