How To Write Good Argumentative Essays

How To Write Good Argumentative Essays-63
You’ll do that by collecting and evaluating evidence.Then, you’ll establish your position and support your thesis with undisputable facts.For example, Stricter gun laws will reduce access to firearms.

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For example, if you want to write an essay on the fact that you really like hamburgers, that’s not a very good topic, since there’s no strong counter-argument.

Your teacher may have already assigned you a topic, but if they haven’t, consider this curated list of argumentative essay topics.

Supporting Paragraph 2 - Present a second argument to support your thesis.

For example, In X study, stricter gun laws reduced homicide by firearms by x %. In this case it could be that limiting gun access could strip innocent people of their right to defend themselves against violent criminals who could still obtain guns through illegal ways.

You should also refute the counterargument: By introducing stricter laws that specifically limit the sale of guns to criminals and those with mental illness, the number of gun-related homicides would be reduced.

Conclusion - Summarize the main points made in the body of the essay and suggest next steps, further research or possible legislation that could support your thesis.

An argumentative essay is an essay which purpose is to present evidence to support an idea.

For example, you might write an essay arguing that military service should be mandatory.

The main thrust of an argumentative essay is that all information presented be supported by facts and evidence.

There are lots of different ways to approach an argumentative essay.


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