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So do a run through the text where these types of words are all that you’re looking for. Combinations like “you’re, your, yore,” “bear, bare,” and “their, they’re, there” are often used incorrectly.One of the worst pieces of advice that you’ll ever hear regarding the English language is to spell things like they sound. Page through any 500-page study guide, and you’ll see a few pages devoted entirely to existing homonyms in the English language.

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Here’s a pretty comprehensive list if you want to see more.

If you have trouble distinguishing the rules, it can’t hurt to give these another look in your textbook or consult with your teacher to see if she has any suggestions for how to remember certain homonyms.

Below are an essay topic and four sample essays with the holistic scores they received from the GED Testing Service.

Readers may use these samples as they familiarize themselves with the Essay Scoring Guide.

GED written response questions want more than random facts and opinions strung together to fill out a word or paragraph count.

They want you to take a look at the questions, analyze it, and then present that analysis as a series of carefully worded sentences that support your main idea.

However, it is essential when it comes to catching mistakes.

When you’re in a crunch to write an entire essay in a short amount of time, mistakes are going to happen, and the more of them you catch the better!

The reader can understand what the writer is saying and can follow the development of ideas.

The essays with lower scores are more difficult to understand and do not contain developed or supported ideas. Use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge to support your essay.


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