How To Solve This Problem In Math

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See also Eric Schechter’s “Common errors in undergraduate mathematics“. Hi, Not to be rude, but a translation of Descartes that captures the original poetry of his phrase better might be: Each truth I discovered was a rule that then served to discover other truths.

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For related reasons, one should value partial progress on a problem as being a stepping stone to a complete solution (and also as an important way to deepen one’s understanding of the subject). Note: My English is quite poor, you may experience this in the solution.

The more important consideration is the extent to which your problem-solving skills are improving over time.

For instance, if after failing to solve a problem, you receive the solution and study it carefully, you may discover an insight or problem-solving technique that eluded you before, and will now be able to solve similar problems that were previously out of reach.

I hope you are interested in elementary geometry, too, nice to meet you here! Hi Prof Tao, As an undergraduate student I often face the problem of deciding how many textbooks problems I should do before moving on, for example, Is ten questions per chapter of Rudin’s Principles of Math Analysis adequate?

The more problems I do on a specific topic the slower it takes to reach graduate level mathematics. Tao: I hava translated this essay into chinese, I’m sorry I couldn’t translated it well enough, as my ability in english is as poor as mathematics.


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