How To Solve The Blue Screen Problem

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You can use it for all manner of dump and file analysis.

However, many readers won’t require the full spectrum of analysis tools Win Dbg offers.

Additionally, the Arguments (arguments are essentially informative parameters) expand on the information.

Arg1 states that “A corrupt PTE has been detected,” explaining that “Parameter 2 contains the address of the PTE.”Now, I know that PTE stands for Page Table Entry, so this error is likely to relate to my virtual memory, and I can start my BSo D fix there.

The same BSo D will have affected someone else—you’re not alone.

Answers To My Math Homework - How To Solve The Blue Screen Problem

The Win Dbg analysis tool is a powerful bit of kit.

There are two main types of BSo D memory dumps: a full dump and a minidump. It will look similar to this: There are two things to take in from this screen: the Bug Check and the Probably caused by fields. You can take the analysis one step further using Win Dbg commands. analyze -v command (highlighted in blue in the above image) will show you detailed information relating to your BSo D.

Typically, a minidump is smaller but contains more information than a full dump (I know, how misleading). There is a command link under the Bugcheck Analysis header. If there is no link, enter the command in the field at the bottom of the Win Dbg window.

Of course, that’s unlikely to cause a BSo D, but you see how the code has a specific error message..

Sometimes, a cursory internet search is enough to reveal what’s wrong with your system.


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