How To Solve Pollution Problems

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Even light and noise pollution are dangerous to animals.Turtle hatchlings rely on the light of the moon on the water to direct them to the ocean after they emerge from their eggs — beachfront properties with electric lights often lead to them moving in the wrong direction, and getting eaten by predators.According to the relevant Technical Memorandum issued under Noise Control Ordinance, Cap. to 7 a.m., noise from events should not be audible within nearby NSRs.

Too much noise pollution can damage the human ear and interfere with animal migration.

With all these different types of pollution to worry about, why do we need to feel so concerned?

It seems a bit self-centered to start with human concerns, but pollution has a direct effect on human health.

Air, soil and water pollution cause roughly 40 percent of global deaths pollution.

We only have one planet to live on currently, which is why pollution is such a big problem.

Pollution comes in many forms, some more obvious than others, but no matter what form it comes in, we should think about how we can reduce it. Why do we need to reduce pollution, and what can we do to change our ways before it’s too late?

Water: Chemicals that get dumped into the water supply or run into the water from the surrounding environment lead to water pollution.

With so little of the water on our planet to drink — only about three percent of the planet’s water supply is drinkable, and two percent of it is locked up in glaciers — this could quickly cause a crisis.

Contaminated soil can transmit toxins and chemicals directly into our food.

Pollution has a negative impact on our health — even if you don’t come into contact with it during your daily life.


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