How To Solve Math Problems With Fractions

The first year that I taught multiplying and dividing fractions, I really had to spend some time breaking down the concepts myself in order to best help my students.

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If so, you are just like almost every other math student out there! I am going to make your life so much easier when it comes to solving equations with fractions! We are going to get rid of just the denominator in the fraction, so we will be left with the numerator, or just an integer! It's really not hard, but before I get into it, I want to go over one algebra definition. In Algebra, each term within an equation is separated by a plus ( ) sign, minus (-) sign or an equals sign (=).

Our first step when solving these equations is to get rid of the fractions because they are not easy to work with! Now we have two fractions to contend with and that means subtracting fractions and multiplying fractions. let's stop here and say, We DO NOT want to do this! We are going to learn how to get rid of the fractions and make this much more simple! Variable or quantities that are multiplied or divided are considered the same term.

Let see what happens with a typical two-step equation with the distributive property.

Word problems fractions = a lot of struggle for many students.

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Critical Thinking Exam - How To Solve Math Problems With Fractions

Free Fraction Pacing Guide: This blog post shares an “I Can” checklist for students and shares how I pace my 5th grade fraction skills.Free Fraction Activities: Grab some super easy to prep fraction activities on this post.We need to make them the same before we can continue, because we can't add them like that.Especially when you throw in new concepts like multiplying and dividing fractions.Those fraction word problems are always pretty tricky for my students.Since it is impossible to expose students to every type of situation and context, the blurb at the end of the chart is key.The students really need to make a habit of checking to see if their answers make sense.As a result, they will struggle with choosing the correct operations when solving word problems.Here are my go-to introductory word problems for when I first introduce multiplying and dividing fractions (again I introduce each one separately).Before even beginning with word problems, I always introduce multiplying and dividing fractions (separately) with a context/situation.And then we work through the situation and solve the problem/ answer the question using models.


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