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This rewriting with the same number of digits may not be so important if the problem requires you to multiply decimals or divide them.But in any case, you should check your answer at the end to make sure it makes sense.Mechanical engineer research paper what is problem solving skills creative story writing for kids their eyes were watching god analysis essay business plan of samsung university of texas at austin supplemental essays using quotes in essay website sample of college essay talent.

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To show how the decimal part works, we'll solve the same problem again, but this time we will add a zero to the right of each number we multiply.

This doesn't change the value of the numbers, so it shouldn't change the answer we get.

We drop down the following number, which is a 1, so now we have to divide 261 by 252, which goes in once, with a remainder of 9.

We drop down the following number, which is a 0, so now we have to divide 90 by 252.

You do this by moving the decimal point to the right in the divisor until there are no more numbers other than zero to the right of the decimal point.

Then you move the decimal point to the right the same number of places in the dividend.

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Example of moving the decimal point for division: 9.24 ÷ 7.008 You want the divisor 7.008 to be a whole number, so you need to move the decimal point 3 places to the right: 7008 Now you need to move the decimal point for the dividend 3 places to the right: 9240 In this case you have to add a zero to move it 3 places.

Now you divide 9240 by 7008 to get the answer: Example: 0.64 ÷ 3.2 = ?


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