How To Solve A Slope Problem

For instance, the red line in the picture below is the graph of the .Also,since the line is horizontal, every point on that line has the exact same y value.

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To be able to use slope intercept form, all that you need to be able to do is 1) find the slope of a line and 2) find the y-intercept of a line.

Since a vertical line goes straight up and down, its slope is undefined.

If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.and *.are unblocked. The equation of this line is y is equal to negative 5x plus 6. So they're telling us the slope, slope of negative 1. But we could figure out both of them from these coordinates. So that's a 6-- I want to make it color-coded-- minus 0. So I wanted to show you, this is the coordinate 2 comma 6.

In this video I'm going to do a bunch of examples of finding the equations of lines in slope-intercept form. So we know that m is equal to negative 1, but we're not 100% sure about where the y-intercept is just yet. So let's see, we get a 0 is equal to negative 4/5 plus b. So the first thing we can do is figure out the slope.

Also, the x value of every point on a vertical line is the same.

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Therefore, whatever the x value is, is also the value of 'b'.The fact that the line contains this point means that the value x is equal to 4/5, y is equal to 0 must satisfy this equation. y is equal to negative 1 times x, which we write as negative x, plus b, which is 4/5, just like that. The line contains the point 2 comma 6 and 5 comma 0. Now we can do exactly what we did in the last problem. I'll use the 5 comma 0 because it's always nice when you have a 0 there. It's just to show you I could pick either of these points. Remember when I first learned this, I would always be tempted to do the x in the numerator. Whenever zero is the denominator of the fraction in this case of the fraction representing the slope of a line, the fraction is undefined. This is because any horizontal line has a $$\Delta y$$ or "rise" of zero.Therefore, regardless of what the run is (provided its' not also zero! If the slope of a line changed, then it would be a zigzag line and not a straight line, as you can see in the picture above. A line with a positive slope slant upwards, whereas a line with a negative slope slant downwards.The slope of a line characterizes the direction of a line.An equation in the slope-intercept form is written as $$y=mx b$$ Where m is the slope of the line and b is the y-intercept.You can use this equation to write an equation if you know the slope and the y-intercept.Example Find the equation of the line Choose two points that are on the line Calculate the slope between the two points $$m=\frac=\frac=\frac=\frac$$ We can find the b-value, the y-intercept, by looking at the graph b = 1 We've got a value for m and a value for b.This gives us the linear function $$y=-\fracx 1$$ In many cases the value of b is not as easily read. From these two points we calculated the slope $$m=-\frac$$ This gives us the equation $$y=-\fracx b$$ From this we can solve the equation for b $$b=y \fracx$$ And if we put in the values from our first point (-3, 3) we get $$b=3 \frac\cdot \left ( -3 \right )=3 \left ( -2 \right )=1$$ If we put in this value for b in the equation we get $$y=-\fracx 1$$ which is the same equation as we got when we read the y-intercept from the graph.


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