How To Show Problem Solving Skills

How To Show Problem Solving Skills-62
Everyone has to do these things- and you will simply sound like all the other applicants if you discuss mundane issues.

Be Specific About the Research: Behavioral interview questions will be used to predict your future behavior- and if you fail to provide a detailed answer- the interviewer may infer that you have never had to use your research skills.

Employers want to hear every single detail in regards to your behavior- so avoid generalities and vague examples.

If you solved a problem that perplexed others- your answer will seem even more impressive.

Use the STAR Method: STAR is an acronym used to describe a technique for answering behavioral interview questions.

By answering behavioral questions- you will have the opportunity to show the interviewer the personal traits that make you the best candidate for the job.

Depending on the interviewer- the question above may be rephrased as ‘Can you describe a time when your research skills helped you solve a problem?

Whatever example you decide to use- just be sure that it is relevant to the job and the industry at hand.

If you are interviewing for your first professional job- it is acceptable to use a situation related to school or volunteer work.

Keep in mind that you are interviewing for a job and that you will need to show your employer you have skills that will benefit the company.

For example- if you work in the medical field- you can discuss the time you identified a patient’s illness by analyzing body tissue in a lab.


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