How To Make Research Paper Outline

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First, write down the main points you will be making in your paper and then determine how you will organize the paper.

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You may also be required to submit your thesis statement before you begin drafting your paper.

A thesis statement comes at the end of your introductory paragraph and explicitly states what the body of your paper will prove or argue.

Your thesis may change or develop as you expand your field of inquiry, so you’ll need to consider the deadline for submitting your thesis when you map out your time.

Before you learn how to do a research paper, first identify the paper type or method you’ll apply.

An argumentative paper shares similar features with a persuasive essay.Once you have found relevant resources, you can begin using these sources to begin to construct your argument.This section will help you develop use the information that you gathered to develop your thesis statement and to construct an outline of your paper. Your thesis statement is the main argument of your paper and should be 1-2 sentences long.Check this out for an overview of additional methods.Before you begin exploring interesting research paper topics, complete a thorough review of your teacher’s rubric to assess your strengths and weaknesses in each area.When your writing is done, upload your paper to our grammar and plagiarism checker to further improve your writing.There’s also a separate tool to help cite your sources in MLA format and more styles.You can use resources from The Learning Portal’s page on Creating a Thesis Statement for help.It is a good idea to outline the structure of your paper before you actually start writing.If you haven’t yet started, keep reading to learn how to choose topics for research papers, how to create a research paper outline, and how to write a research paper efficiently and on time.Also included are plenty of tips on how to focus on the work by creating (and sticking to) a timeline so you finish your paper days or even weeks before it’s due—all without pulling a single all-nighter.


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