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Writing a descriptive essay requires clear and vivid language to accurately describe the subject.

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The reader should be left with a vibrant understanding of the topic at hand.

Students are often required to write descriptive essays to explain a particular experience they may have had or an event that has taken place.

A common form of expository writing is the compare-and-contrast essay, which outlines the similarities and differences between two subjects.

The writer can either alternate explaining similarities and differences in separate paragraphs or explain all the similarities in several consecutive paragraphs, followed by all the differences.

How you dress helps others understand who you are, describes a particular sentiment to those who see you, and signals a subconscious message to be interpreted by others.

How you write will give similar signals to others that help them understand what you’re trying to communicate.Also, like fashion styles, writing styles have particular times and places in which they should be employed or restrained.It’s inappropriate to wear white to a wedding if you’re not the bride; similarly, it’s inappropriate to use certain writing styles for specific types of writing.Luckily, writing styles are a little more cut and dried than fashion styles.There are four main types of writing: expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative.In reality, all types of writing exist to argue a specific point.So even though narrative writing is a more creative type of writing, it is still an argument and should be treated as such. That’s what you should ask when writing a narrative essay.By understanding the subtleties of the writing styles, it will be a lot easier to determine which style to employ based on the purpose of your essay.Expository writing is used when you want to explain or inform, making it a very popular writing style for essays.Often, this type of writing is used for controversial topics that split people into groups based on their opinions.This allows writers to take a specific stance and outline their particular opinions.


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