How Long Should College Essay Be Common App

Plan in as much time as possible to write your essay; a few weeks and even a month or two if you can.

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For example, saying “I wasn’t successful in the audition for the band but I’m going to try again.” is quite a bland sentence which could have been written by anyone.

Instead, try: “After weeks in my dad’s cold garage, practicing every evening for long hours until my fingers hurt, I was utterly disappointed when I failed the band audition.

However my determination to succeed, forced me to swallow my pride and find out exactly why I’d failed.

I was single-minded in auditioning again, with a positive mind-set to succeed this time.” This shows your strengths, and brings your story to life as a personal unique viewpoint.

You’ll then need to write an outline before starting to flesh this out further into sentences and paragraphs.

Once you’ve started writing your essay, it’s best to aim for two or three drafts of the essay until you hone it done to your best and you’re confident and proud of it.It’s best to spend a while reading and rereading all the essay prompts a few times, contemplating them and see if any topics or ideas spring to mind.If not do something else to distract yourself and go back to them after a few hours, a few days; its amazing how that time away will allow your brain space to generate new ideas.Start by planning your essay in a logical chronological order. It’s advisable to plan each paragraph in detail, in chronological order, linking the start of paragraph 2 to the end of paragraph one and flowing it nicely into paragraph three.Plan an outline of what you’re going to be writing about by scribbling down a couple of sentences to explain your topic. It’s fine to write the main paragraphs first and then go back and write an introduction to set the scene, and intrigue the reader, rather than trying to write the scene setting right at the start.Don’t forget the tutors are also looking for 100% accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.Another reason to ask someone else to check your essay for you before you submit it.If you’re lucky enough to have several ideas and you’re not sure which one to choose, write down a few sentences about each one.Then look at choosing the one you found easiest to write and that you can write the most about.It’s also really vital that you ask at least two other people to proofread and sense check it for you, (family, friends or school teachers) as a second independent opinion is key.Once you start to plan out all these stages of writing, you can see why it’s so important to give yourself as much time as possible.


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