How Do You Write A Literature Review

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First, let’s go over why lit reviews are important.Yes, they are important if you are being graded on writing one, but they are important components of research.A lit review also situates your research within your discipline.

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See our 4 Step Guide to Writing a Literature Review to find out more.

A literature review describes academic papers which are relevant to a particular field or topic.

Bottom line: a lit review shows that you have done your homework on the topic you are planning to study and have learned from other people’s work, which will inform your own study.

Here are some dos and don’ts for writing literature reviews: The first order of business in a lit review is to provide a rationale for your study.

Maybe when you read other people’s research you find some gaps—what the other researchers examine that your study will?

How Do You Write A Literature Review Ethnomusicology Research Paper

How is your research question slightly different from those asked in other studies?

Talk about these studies together and cite them all parenthetically at the end of the sentence (Study 1, Year; Study 2, Year; Study 3, Year, etc.).

It’s easy to focus on the content of people’s findings and overlook the methods they used to get there.

Use details from previous research to highlight why this topic matters, its importance in your field, and what some of the foundational research already discovered.

Your task is to then explain why more research is needed on the topic.


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