How Do You Write A Book

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This strategy works on so many levels and really makes writing easy.It will not only become your best source for book marketing but will keep you on schedule to publish.

That starts with writing out the main idea for each chapter, each section heading then the notes that apply to each.Stories and examples are critical to the success of your book. What makes your book special is the first-hand and personal experience you share.Adding stories and examples to your book will make it more interesting and relatable for readers.Breaking your book into chapters, then into main points for each chapter and sections, you can see how much easier it is to write it out.You know exactly what you want to say and each section might only be half a page.Writing out your book, many of these stories will happen naturally. It’s how we’ve evolved, passing down information through personal experiences and triumphs.But you should also go back through your book, after your first draft, to find places to include more of these anecdotes. Again, there’s no rule that you need a story every chapter but I like to try including one.After all your research and notes around your book idea, you’re likely to have pages of what will look like a jumbled mess for each chapter.Trying to write from this is just going to be frustrating chaos.They think you have to be a salty old man with a beard and a glass of scotch to write a book.If you’ve ever written an email, a social media update or directions on a post-it note…you’re a writer. Writing a full book is just organizing your idea beyond a few notes.


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