Horses Of The Night Thesis

Lippard reported from the trenches, not only providing context and arguments, but also offering contemporary examples of activist art and cultural resistance.My interest here lies less in retelling those stories—for that one doesn’t need to look any further than the essay itself—than in focusing on Lippard’s central argument.As such, the essay can be situated both in an ongoing debate—making it ripe for revisitation—and in the trajectory of Lippard’s oeuvre as a whole.

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Forget It.” “Trojan Horses” appeared at the height of the Reagan years in the U.

S., a highly charged political period that saw a heavy backlash against progressive and feminist ideas in the so-called culture wars waged by the Right.

But the void is not a funny affair though; in the interim, bodies are deprived of agency.

Due to that, there’s nothing we can do but to try (again and again) to build actual relations within the void.

This piece has been co-created with Orlando Rodriguez, and its research began in Vilnius (Lithuania) at the Arts Printing House during the summer of 2017 and continued theretofore at UCSD’s Dance & Theater program.

Horses Of The Night Thesis

Conception & Dance Maker – Verónica Santiago Moniello Dance Maker – Orlando Rodriguez Creative Consultancy – Javier Fresneda Scenic Designer – Samantha Rojales Costume Designers – Barbara Byers, Verónica Santiago Moniello Sound & Projections Designer – John Burnett Vocalist – Barbara Byers Percussionist – Ben Rempel Assistant Lighting Designer – Mextly Almeda Assistant Sound Designer – Mae Ann Ross Production Stage Manager – Kasson Marroquin Assistant Stage Manager – Willie Mae Michiels Parking Passes Required: Monday through Friday. Note: Machines take all major credit cards except Discover and when paying with cash you must use exact change, NO CHANGE GIVEN.Such efforts clearly animate the collection Get the Message?: A Decade of Art for Social Change, as well as her later, retrospective essay “Too Political?As an interstice between given narratives that understood the figure of the horse as either a donor of life and the harbinger of death.This suspended space allows us to share the unknown, the intimacy of our personal paths; turning the private into a collective realization of the act of sharing.Advance tickets for this production are available Tuesday-Friday, noon to 6 pm by calling the Box Office at 858.534.4574 or in person at the Theatre District’s Central Box Office at the Sheila & Hughes Potiker Theatre.At-the-Door tickets, if available, can be purchased one hour before show time at the performing theatre’s box office at Mandell Weiss Theatre.thesis WORKS showcases the culmination of dance research over the course of graduate studies in Dance at UC San Diego.This year, MFA Candidate Verónica Santiago Moniello explores the potential of bodies and motion in space while simultaneously confronting subject material that has inspired her intellectual and scholarly pursuits over her time at UCSD in Verónica Santiago Moniello is a Venezuelan dancer and choreographer based in Southern California.Weeknight passes are per vehicle from the vending machines located in the UC San Diego Theatre District/La Jolla Playhouse parking lots and entry display case. Parking Passes Not Required: Saturdays and Sundays without permits are subject to ticketing by UCSD Campus Police.The Theatre & Dance Department does not have the authority to waive and cannot pay parking tickets.


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