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(Let’s share ideas, so we can all make it through the daily “homework hour” with our sanities intact!Integrated Learning Strategies is excited to feature homework tips in this guest post.I trust that our well-established homework routine is fully scalable and works as well for one kid, as it does for two, three or even four school-aged kids.

(Let’s share ideas, so we can all make it through the daily “homework hour” with our sanities intact!

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If you try and get them to do it once the TV is on, it will be hard to drag them away.

If they have a deadline of a week or so, they should still do it sooner so they can remember what they are meant to be doing it.

Those two hours are dedicated to transitioning the kids from school-mode to home-mode.

However, I remember from previous years, that every back-to-school season brings its own set of challenges and adjustments, however once we are a few weeks into the routine, things run smoothly.

You should ensure they spend a while on it and that they don’t rush through it.

Homework Tips For Kids

Another way to ensure your child’s homework improves is to make sure they are taking breaks.

If they leave their homework to the last minute, it’s bound to be a half-hearted attempt.

Therefore, encourage your child to do it when they get in from school.

They will have it fresh in their brain, so they are bound to do better.

As this says, they will have fewer distractions which means they will do better.


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