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The Anglo-Saxons came to England after the Romans left in the year 410.Nobody was really ruling all of England at the time – there were a lot of little kingdoms ruled by Anglo-Saxons that eventually came together as one country.

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Vikings from the east were still invading England during the time of the Anglo-Saxons.

Sometimes, instead of fighting the Vikings, people would pay them money to leave them in peace. Alfred the Great was based in the kingdom of Wessex, and his palace was in Winchester.

By the 800s, there were four main kingdoms in England: Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia and Wessex.

One of the most well-known kings from Merica was Offa.

Beowulf is probably the oldest surviving long poem in Old English.

We don't know the name of the Anglo-Saxon poet who wrote it, but it was written in England some time between the 8th and the early 11th century.

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Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon heroic poem (3182 lines long!

) which tells us a lot about life in Anglo-Saxon times (though it is not set in England but in Scandinavia).


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