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THE summer holiday has ended and the new school year in China begins now.Parents can relax a bit and not worry for at least half a day about keeping their children occupied. Helping the kids with homework given by “creative” teachers can drive mothers and fathers crazy.A netizen wrote that the incident reminded him of his most embarrassing moment as a schoolkid.

The survey also revealed that 8.7% of fourth graders spend over two hours a day on Chinese language homework.

“More than 30% of students said they felt great academic pressure, and almost half of eighth grade students found mathematics difficult to learn, prompting many children to attend after school training classes,” the report added.

Recently, many people were shocked by an online post titled “100 million grains of rice”.

It was written by parents of fourth grade students who had been asked to count that many grains of rice.

There is another picture gone viral that shows a plate of raw pork among pots of plants with fleshy stems and leaves.

The students were required to bring , which means meat.

The rest showed up with small tanks with ornamental fish swimming in them.

The odd one out must have misheard the instructions.

The students’ heavy homework has been a much-debated issue in China, with the government working hard to find a balance and to regularly reform the education system.

In its report on the quality of the country’s nine-year compulsory education, the Education Ministry said primary and middle school students were under great academic pressure, with many spending hours each day on homework.


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