Homework For Kindergarteners

I also use homework as a way to revisit skills that have been taught but might need a refresher.

Homework also keeps the parents informed about what we are learning. Why not start at an early age having students get into the practice of coming home from school, having a snack then sitting down to do homework, read a book or work on reading fluency.

I'm Required to Give Homework Our district has a policy that requires teachers to give homework.

However, it doesn't say how much or how often, just that we have to. My children attended school in the district I teach in and rarely did I ever feel that a teacher gave too little or too much.

These of course can also be using for morning work or bell ringers, whatever teachers are calling them.

I copy language arts on one side and math on the other. Depending on what we are focussing on I will also add one of my 1/2 page fluency sheets for letters names, numbers, sight words or CVC words. Basically the student reads what is on the page, the adult circles the correct responses and signs at the bottom. For example when we are focussing on sight words; a parent can immediately see if their child is having difficulty reading the words.Then after back-to-school night, where I give that same talk to the parents, I give them out. This year I had a little one yell "YES, FINALLY HOMEWORK" after I gave him his binder.You can read more about my homework folders and book bags here Homework Binders Book Bags-Take Home Reading Program Managing Daily Homework and Weekly Book Bags How Do I Select Homework?Although I teach at a Title 1 school, my parents know that homework is part of the kindergarten routines.I provide homework that my students can do mostly on their own.Homework should not take a long time, especially in kindergarten, but it should be providing students with practice.Students should be practicing their reading, their writing and basic math skills. If we build in the expectation of having homework, they won't be so shocked when they move into the older grades and have homework.What happens when they get that packet and forget about it until the night before it is due. I can tell you from experience no one is enjoying it.How do I know this- well, when my daughter was in kindergarten we had the weekly packet.Homework Provides Practice Homework gives my students practice on skills we have been working on at school.Never do I give homework that contains skills we haven't focussed on.


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