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Five different designs are used on each page of the homework passes. These cute designs are great to use for elementary aged students.

Simply select the Homework Pass link and once the PDF document appears, select the print option and the number of pages you would like to print. For more ideas be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The teacher will review and discuss each assignment students are to complete at the end of every school day.

If students have any questions about the homework assignments, they will have the opportunity to ask questions before the end of the school day.

I chose bright color paper to run these off on, so I could always identify them easily in a pile.

I made it clear to my students that I would not replace lost coupons.The passes are highly visible, colorful and designed to be a great reward for positive student behavior, concept mastery, or academic performance.The pass is suitable for use across all grade levels, and is useful as a send-home for parents.In addition, I would require my students to staple the coupon to the corner of the assignment when turning it in, so I couldn’t lose it (since it was 1/8 sheet) and it was clear to me which assignment the student wanted the coupon to count for.When I graded the assignment, I would only tear off half of the coupon, so the student would have “proof” that I had seen their coupon and there was no way for students to try to use it again.Valid for new Personalized Tutoring enrollments only. Homework, also known as Home Learning, is a very important part of every student's education.We guarantee results in our Personalized Tutoring programs! Some restrictions apply, so contact your local Sylvan for details.Use this coupon for 0 off your child’s Personalized Tutoring program today. ) To receive your tutoring coupon, please tell us a little about yourself. Cannot be combined with any other Sylvan offer, promotion, coupon, or discount. The designs and text show up the best when using plain white printer paper. Suggestions: Teachers, be sure to check out the Personalized Bookmarks Pages for Kids and other Back to School printables and activities for children.Cut the passes apart on the gray line, sign and hand out to your students for a special occasion. Select the New Custom Homework Pass where you can create unique Homework Coupon for your students by adding an image and 6 lines of text.


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