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Instead, the sales rep is encouraged to sign-up for an Auto Ship program to create residual income for upline participants.Conversely, home party plan representatives are encouraged to sell their products and services to customers who are not representatives.Simply put, without a viable retailing component, if you don’t recruit, you won’t earn any money.

If your products sell best when they are demonstrated or explained, a home party plan format may be a good fit for you.

However, if in an average group of potential customers less than 80% will buy at least one item, then the home party plan format may not work well for you.

Jay’s in-depth experience working with major companies and new enterprises, his broad knowledge of this marketing channel and his understanding of many types of businesses, have earned Jay the respect and admiration of direct selling companies, peers, and employees alike.

Home party businesses have become a popular way to supplement your income on the side or to invest in running a sales business full time.

Below you’ll find the list of businesses that are legitimate, popular, and potentially a great addition to your monthly income.

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Since the 1950s, home party businesses have been incredibly popular.

If you purchase the kit first, and it turns out that they don’t have much interest, you might be unable to recoup your costs.

So if you want to sell Pampered Chef but your family and friends aren’t excited about cookware, you’re in trouble.

Compensation Since most of the sales of an MLM company are made to its sales representatives, activity requirements of MLM companies are most commonly set using amounts appropriate for “personal consumption.” However, since most of the sales of home party plan companies are made to others, activity requirements are usually set based on the sales volume generated by an average-sized home party.

MLM and home party companies each have compensation plans by which their sales representatives are compensated.


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