History And Memory The Fiftieth Gate Essay

History And Memory The Fiftieth Gate Essay-6
Whether a positive or negative nature they form who we are as individuals.

Whether a positive or negative nature they form who we are as individuals.History is the recorded experiences and events which have occurred in the past.

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That’s when out of nowhere I clinched my hand tightly, I pulled back my arm and threw my fist as hard as I could into his face. I was pleased I stood up for myself but scared shitless too.

I was suspended from school and in immense trouble when I got home.

Materials: A stopwatch was used to time participants (a 30 second time period for memorising and a 2 minute time period before recalling), a pen to take down data, paper to write the data on, as well as word lists, consent papers and a standardised research investigation script.

The data and consent papers can be found in the appendix. Participants are split into 2 groups randomly, with 2 participants in the control group and 2 participants in the experimental group (an independent-groups design was used because there are no order effects to control) 2.

On top of all that I had to make most likely the biggest decision of my life.

Me, an eight year old had to decide between his father or his mother.There is a strong entwinement between history and memory and this allows the inconsistencies of personal memories to influence the credibility of human history.This is reflected in Denise Levertov’s poems’ ‘Ways of conquest’ and ‘In Thai Bin (peace) Province’.The participants are read standardised instructions and procedures to avoid ambiguities or variations, to minimise potential extraneous variables that would make the task inconsistent or different for different participants. After the participants have understood the instructions, the first participant in the control group is shown word List A (Appendix) for a period of 30 seconds 4.Memories are a way of recalling ones personal experiences.So you can imagine the agony I was going through, it was rigid. My dad and I lived with my grandparents at first till we could get settled in. I was the new kid, and to be honest I didn’t fit in at all.I was bullied within the first day of school because I was undersized and tubby.In the next line Levertov uses personification and alliteration in, “Vines that grew there touched you”.Here, vines are to represent the entwinement between history and memory.Participants in the experimental group who used narrative chaining remembered a mean of 9.93 words out of 16 words with a mean percentage of 62% of words recalled.Participants in the control group who used maintenance rehearsal remembered a mean of 9.17 words Participants were randomly allocated and had an equal chance of being in both the control and experimental group.


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