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Raised with two brothers in a middle-class suburb of Chicago, Clinton credits her parents and her Methodist upbringing with nurturing her sense of social responsibility and commitment to service. Her father, Hugh Rodham, a conservative Republican businessman, instilled values of self-reliance and hard work. Clinton, Hillary Rodham (2000): An invitation to the White House. After the events of September 11, 2001, she lobbied adamantly for aid to rebuild New York and to compensate the victims. washingtonpost.com: Hillary Rodham Clinton | 2008 Presidential Candidates.

By this time, her reputation as an attorney and children's rights advocate had won her national acclaim, and she received numerous offers for jobs at prestigious firms as well as at the Children's Defense Fund.

She opted instead to join the faculty at the University of Arkansas Law School in order to be closer to Bill Clinton, whom she'd met while at Yale.

Additionally, she pursued advances in child care, early childhood development and learning, health insurance, and family rights.

As United States Senator for New York, Clinton has pursued a leadership role in national security and defense, serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee and receiving regular briefings from military officials.

43) “Although we had only a short time in each country, I wanted to meet with as many women as possible to stress the correlation between women's progress and a country's social and economic status.

Development issues had interested me since my years of working with Bill on behalf of poor, rural communities in Arkansas, but this was my first serious exposure to the developing world.” (Living History pp 268-269 (Discussing a trip to South Asia in 1995)) “I had often joked in my speeches that I had imaginary conversations with Mrs.

Quotes “My parents always stressed the importance of education, working hard in school and learning as much as possible.

They also encouraged me to value myself and believe in myself and do what I thought was right for me…” ( interview in Teen Ink ) “Around the world today, too many women are denied what we consider human rights.

The third independent investigation of the Whitewater business dealings found no evidence to prove the Clintons were in the wrong, supporting Hillary's consistent assertions of innocence in this matter.

Despite such enduring, hostile public scrutiny, Clinton was heavily involved in numerous positive policy initiatives while First Lady, most notably leading the (legislatively unsuccessful) reform plan to provide health care to all Americans.


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