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There are several processes that control the.....160/100 or higher (NHLBI, 2011a).Blood pressure above 120/80 mm HG implies an increased risk for heart disease and for future occurrence of hypertension as a medical problem.

Medical science has discovered many risk factors of high blood pressure to make it easier for us to avoid it.

These risk factors are those factors that are seen as an individual’s risk of developing high blood pressure issues.

Medical science has figured out these risk factors to help people stay away from this hazardous disease.

These factors help people to take extra care as once a person knows he has the risk of developing a medical problem; he will stay away from it (Gregson 14).

Primary hypertension is when doctors do not know the exact cause, yet the causes are a combination of complex genetic, environmental and other factors.

Secondary hypertension is what is caused by the underlying medical condition or any medications that have an effect on the blood pressure (Divine 14).To avoid the high blood pressure, it is very important to look into the risk factors and overcome them.Risk factors: The first and the most important factor, which has been seen as a risk factor for high blood pressure, is age.Everyone is at risk for this disease, however, it is a higher risk among older people due to the natural process of aging and the wear and tear that their body has gone through (Food and Drug Administration, 2007). High Blood Pressure Measurement Introduction Blood pressure measurement is among the most important and commonly performed office tests; however, man people tend to undervalue the importance of the test.As a matter of fact, the according to Geddes and Newberg (1992) nearly 45% of adults tend to have high blood pressure without their knowledge.Over one billion people around the world suffer from high blood pressure, of which 20-30% does not even know it.There are two types of high blood pressure: primary and secondary.The essay aims to discuss the major risks factors for high blood pressure with the intention of allowing readers a quick glimpse of the issues that might cause them suffering from high blood pressure problem.The information strives to assist people in maintaining healthy life style while preventing the potential dangers and harms of their health Background: High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, has been one of the most common diseases during the past decade.If this remains constant or unaddressed, the future onset of hypertension would be highly likely.Once this disease is diagnosed in a person, it will already become a lifetime disease which would need constant control and management.


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