Hiding Place Corrie Ten Boom Essay

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At first Corrie takes on the task of ministering to her mother, while her sister Betsie assists in the watch shop.

Betsie comes down with a cold, so Corrie takes over her tasks and it becomes immediately apparent that Corrie is a much better fit for the watch shop and Betsie is much better at looking after the home.

A wealthy aristocratic lady donates her mansion for Corrie to use as a rehabilitation center for returning Dutch prisoners, and Corrie uses her family home as a home for National Socialist Bond members.

Two books so similar in their journey, and yet so far apart through the roads they take are, Night and The Hiding Place.

The revelries are disrupted by discussions of the rise of Hitler and when Corrie’s brother Willem arrives with a Jewish man who had been assaulted by teenagers during his escape from Munich.

The family attempts to carry on with the festivities.

The family first decide to become involved in the underground in 1942, when a man they know from the community poisons his beloved pet bulldogs in case the Nazis come for him.

Corrie’s father invites the man to visit often, but he only does so at night because it may be dangerous for the family.

The threat of an Ally invasion increases tensions in the camp, many are executed, and the women are moved into Germany, to the notorious extermination camp, Ravensbruck.

There conditions are even worse and their labour intensifies, although the barracks are less supervised and the sisters lead evening worship services.


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