Hewlett-Packard Knowledge Management Case Studies

Hewlett-Packard Knowledge Management Case Studies-83
Legal compliance requirements and obligations were linked to the company’s improvement programme.

Legal compliance requirements and obligations were linked to the company’s improvement programme.We developed an Environmental management system manual and an Environmental procedures manual, including references to all documents and records required by the standard.

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Their large data holdings now use advanced KM products that are employed to map common terms and phrases, monitor the performance of the entire organisation and modelling systems to simulate trends to display data graphically on a small geographic area.

Technological solutions are important but KM is more about just technology.

Publications such as Transforming Government: Achievements in E-Government and Transforming Government: Enhancing Productivity have case studies that show APS agencies and departments use technology to transform their processes, information provision and transactional environments.

Just as the APS is at the forefront of global e-government practice, so it is one of the leading administrations in knowledge management practices within the public sector.

These behaviours and technologies are used to help the staff of the ABS collate, analyse and publish large amounts of statistical information.

Another example of the clever use of technology is by Centrelink.Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes, relies on Mad Cap Lingo to manage the translation process for a number of product lines in up to 20 different languages. Uwe Schwenk, L10N Coordinator and Senior Technical Translator, will discuss how a centralized localization model and 18 months of testing with Mad Cap Lingo resulted in an average cost reduction per HPE product release of nearly 50%.Learn about the challenges, the lessons learned, and the factors that helped influence the localization team at HPE to expand its use of Mad Cap Lingo for all HPE product translations.Australian Bureau of Statistics - Enabling Knowledge Management @ the ABS - provides an overview of the development of knowledge management at the ABS, including the promotion of a supporting culture and information behaviours, the technological framework for knowledge sharing in workgroup databases, as well as plans for the near-term future.Centrelink - Data Shop KM Products - details the various knowledge management products that have been developed including an organisation-wide thesaurus, standardised network of off-site file storage centres, performance management systems and regional micro-simulation modelling for spatial analysis. Centrelink - KM Principles and Lessons Learned- outlines Centrelink's philosophical and strategic development of KM principles.It will provide knowledge management practitioners with a guide to how other agencies are tackling their KM challenges and it may provide possible pathways for approaching their own particular situation.Each of the following case studies was published in February 2004.The case studies demonstrate the critical importance of information and knowledge to APS organisations and how can technology can be used to support, but not drive, agency performance.Contact details for each of the organisations represented in the case studies are included. As part of its commitment to environmental improvement and sustainable development HP Ireland decided to implement a formal environmental management system (EMS) in order to achieve ISO 14001 certification, the international environmental management system.HP decided to engage Antaris to help implement this system.


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