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He will whack his head against another, eat coral as if it’s a watermelon wedge, build reefs and even help to keep the oceans healthy.Although many are invisible to the naked eye, plankton helps you to breathe and is important to the food chain.

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The unvarnished reality about your day-to-day calling?

National Geographic Traveler magazine from 2010 to the present, full-text books on travel, science & technology, history, environment, animals, photography, and peoples & cultures.

Readers will also find videos, full color maps, and hundreds of National Geographic images.

If you have not heard of that number before, let’s just say that insects have the largest biomass of earth-bound animals, and probably represent 80 percent of the classes on the planet. It might not seem important to think about salmon and muse over their history or ponder what their life is like today.

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But it’s a vital story in the scheme of our ecological environment and what is happening to a once extremely valuable species.

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And the thought of snakes scares Americans the most too, beating out public speaking, fear of heights, thunder and lighting, and the dark.

Ophidiophobia (pronounced: AW-fi-dee-a-foe-bee-a from the Greek) is a specific phobia, an abnormal fear of snakes (also referred to …


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