Heinrich Schliemann Allison Taylor Dissertation

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Eventually, Lisa becomes jealous of having a true rival in school. To Lisa's chagrin, Allison wins first chair saxophone in the school band, Ralph starts asking her for answers, the other girls bully her instead of Lisa, and Allison's father thinks Lisa is juvenile in comparison.

Tensions climax during Springfield Elementary's annual "Diorama-rama" competition.

Allison makes a diorama of The Telltale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe, showing the protagonist going insane while a section of the floor "beats" mechanically.

With Bart's help and prodding, Lisa sabotages Allison's entry by switching Allison's diorama with one containing a cow's bloody heart.

Allison and Lisa are both at the top of their class and are expert level players of the saxophone.

She did show concern for Lisa when she was hyperventilating in her lunch bag (when her excuse was "I just like to smell my lunch").Originally voiced by Winona Ryder, Allison Taylor has subsequently had a few small speaking parts, with her voice provided by Pamela Hayden.She has appeared in different issues of The Simpsons Comics but is sometimes mis-colored to make her look a bit like Jessica Lovejoy.It isn't even known if she has actually succumbed to being the rest of the mindless majority of Springfield.It could be likely, as her recent appearances show her with the "popular" girls who aren't concerned about intellectual subjects.They don't seem to be really friends, but have a small and minor friendship.Allison invited Ralph over to her house to play games at the end of the episode.After the contest, both girls invite Ralph to play with them. Like Lisa, she isn't afraid to sometimes break the rules, as she was among the kids who broke curfew to watch "The Bloodening", though she was not among those caught by the police.When Allison Taylor first comes to Springfield Elementary, Lisa is happy to have a friend as smart as her.She was also part of the mob that initially wanted to kill Homer but ended up attacking the entire family after Homer caused the town to be trapped under a giant dome.In addition to her underrated friendship with Lisa, her genius intellect and talent appear to be underrated as well, as she is rarely seen competing with Lisa or sharing a close friendship with her, in stark contrast to Lisa's various and wide achievements throughout the series.


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