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That means the bulk of narration comes from Marlow.

How does the use of a second unnamed narrator change readers’ interpretations of Marlow’s story?

Framing allows the reader to see two different perspectives of the story, two different points of view about things such as imperialism, and two different interpretations of characters.

In other words, look past the plot and identify the underlying meaning. Check out these posts: Now that you’ve refreshed your memory on the basics of literary analysis, let’s get down to the business of analyzing the novella so that you’re ready to tackle your Heart of Darkness essay.

There’s a lot going on in this story, so there’s absolutely no way I can cover every type of literary analysis paper you might write about Heart of Darkness.

Fog might symbolize the uncertainty of Marlow’s journey and of his quest to find Kurtz.

Fog might also symbolize Marlow’s mental state and his confusion about his travels.Others are mild-mannered reporters (or other professionals) by day and like Superman by night, saving the planet from evil.If you’ve just finished reading Heart of Darkness, though, it might be pretty darn hard to feel a connection with imperialists or cannibals.Consider, for instance, how the use of two different narrators allows readers to learn more about Marlow, his actions, his feelings, and his character. What evidence is there to prove that his story is real?Think about stories you’ve heard your friends tell.Narrators tell their stories and hope to intrigue the audience through the fantastic tales they spin.Heart of Darkness uses two different first-person narrators.If that’s the case, I’m here to help clear the fog and offer you three ways to approach your Heart of Darkness essay.If you’re writing an essay about any piece of literature, chances are your prof doesn’t want you to simply summarize the plot.Looking for a finished essay example focused on the narration in the novella?Read The Framing Narrative in Heart of Darkness, A Novel by Joseph Conrad.


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