Health Benefits Of Vegetarianism Essay

The vegetarianism itself is based on the idea of nonviolence towards animals and was promoted by religious groups and spiritual practices.

That is why among the vegetarians there are many people who keep such a style of life for religious reasons.

It is believed that meat is heavy food for spiritually developing people.

It means that meat has rough energy while plant food has a subtle energy that contributes to the purification of all body systems.

Of course, gut flora of healthy people is killed by these products, but for vegetarians gut flora is extremely important.

Vegetarian little by little adapts to the vegetarian diet, saprophytes bacteria appear in the gut that process incoming with food cellular tissue and give the body the same animal irreplaceable amino acids.

People, realizing that thousands of innocent animals are being killed, not only quit eating meat, but also call other to save lives of animals.

The second and more common reason of starting the plant foods consumption is religious, esoteric beliefs.

The word itself has two kinds of origin: one is formed from English “vegetable”, another one is from Latin word “vegetus” that means “fresh, vigorous”.

In this vegetarian lifestyle essay we will discuss pros and cons of becoming vegetarian.


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