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Harry Potter Essay Topics-52
Give an example to justify your ranking them in that order.

Give an example to justify your ranking them in that order.6 -- Harry and Draco Malfoy grew up in vastly different families and were treated differently in them.

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Whenever I start to get stressed out or sad, I grab a Harry Potter book and immerse myself in it. Rowling as most readers know her by, is a brilliant and distinguished author.

When I watch the movies my stress melts away and I’m put alongside the brave, clever trio. She knows how to write books that interest and relate to the reader, which is a great reason to read a book.

Reading and watching Harry Potter is not only an escape from reality and stress outlet, but an entertaining alternative to mischievous activities.

The series also teaches life lessons and morals that stick with you long after reading the last page or seeing the final credits scroll down the screen.

The Harry Potter series doesn’t get old fast or become boring because there’s something new to get out out of it each time you reread or rewatch one.

So when people get bored, instead of finding trouble, they can sit down and read or watch Harry Potter.

There are lessons of love, happiness, friendship, death, and other important parts of life all throughout the series.

The Harry Potter series teaches readers of acceptance, tolerance, inequality, difficulties, and so much more.

8 -- The Mirror of Erised shows the person looking into it: the "deepest desires of their heart." Tell what both Harry and Ron saw when they looked into it; AND, describe why you think what they saw was really the "desire of their hearts." Also, what might Hermione see if she had looked into it, and why? He will grow from 11 to 17 years old which we call: "coming of age." Even though he has a ways to go yet, Harry changed somewhat during his first year at Hogwarts.

Tell how you think he changed and give examples and reasons.


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