Happy Endings Short Story Essay

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This holds true with literature versus a beach novel although a beach novel and piece of literature may end the same way it is the rest of the book that makes one different from the other.As she says the true ending is “John and Mary die” the only guarantee in life is death.

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We stop to gaze at it in awe, as always, before making our way to the glass front doors. beautiful." Damion sighed, sniffling with happiness, he always was the overly dramatic type.

I laughed, throwing my head back as I placed my arms around their shoulders.

Margaret Atwood uses her short story Happy Endings to show that it is not the end of a story that is important it is the middle.

She seems to say that the endings are all cliché that the middle is the part that is unique.

The step from story to literature is a gray line and is based on personal taste, as Justice Stewart said “I know it when I see it” although he was referring to obscenity it is just as applicable here.

Happy Endings Short Story Essay

The use of story like this to portray the differences in opinion on what makes a story is pure genius on the part of Atwood, what is even more interesting is the fact that it is also considered literature.This was just a narrative essay I wrote for my English class and my teacher and I thought it was rather good.The story basically goes from being happy-go-lucky to very dark over the course of a very short time. " Damion, my wonderfully gay best friend, exclaimed as I practically dragged him and Samantha down the shortcut, through the woods, to the mall.I take her hand and rush off to the Teenage Girls section as Damion goes the other direction to look for the Teenage Guys section. I had loved John since I first saw him, in fifth grade.We're both now in eighth and he just asked me out to a movie tonight after I was done with my trip to the mall. We were quiet as we began our search for the perfect shoes that would just match my black, strapless, mini dress."Well, why don't we quit smelling the roses and check out the many glorious shoes that are awaiting us?" I chuckled as we began to walk towards the building, our strides matching. We laughed as we took hands and ran to the place we visit most often, Journeys.This also goes for my friends, whom I've known my whole life as well.We slow our pace as we reach the end of the trail which stops just a few yards from the parking lot that led to the one small mall we have here in Bayview.So since the ending is already known why does it have the tendency to “steal” the spotlight from the rest of the story?Sure in some cases people can guess the middle of a story from the ending, if they find someone died in an electric chair they can assume he committed a crime.


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