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Another equally important function of a business plan is to sell the business idea to a prospective investor.A business plan guides the entrepreneur in detailing every aspect of his/her business, its product, production, market, competitors and profitability, investors can study the business plan and see through the super intricate futuristic bird’s eye view of the entrepreneur, how the business will grow and function, thus can confidently decide whether to invest or otherwise.

Rural sector growth extended beyond employment and into the field of .

A well prepared business plan is one of the most powerful tools in selling a business idea.

In the organization itself a business plan serves a very important purpose by informing all involved of the teams targets, strategy and tactics, the team develops understanding and work together better, knowing where they are going and what their part in the journey is.

Coinciding with the escalation of the Green Revolution in agriculture were the development and increasing electoral success of political parties explicitly aligned with agrarian interests.

Earlier work has posited a direct link between growth in agricultural wealth and the political power of rural parties (see Varshney 1995, Dasgupta 2014, for a recent empirical analysis). Rural opposition parties called for agricultural price regulation and greater government investment in the rural sector, and were highly critical of the Indian National Congress, which they accused of having an urban bias (Brass 1980: 413-414).


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