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Every Panathenaic amphora was specifically made to a standardized shape and capacity of one metretes (approximately 42 quarts / 10.5 Liters), and was decorated in black-figure technique. Artists discovered new pigment materials to make paints, and potters developed firing methods to glaze and finish the pottery.Red figure pottery followed black figure using many of the same designs and techniques.

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Black figure pottery bears iconic representations of figures from Greek mythology.

The mainly black figures are more intricate than mere silhouettes, with facial features, clothing and weaponry depicted in reds and yellows.

Colors of Clay: Special techniques in Athenian vases.

The craft of Athenian pottery: an investigation of the technique of black-figured and red-figured Athenian vases.

“Refiring Greek Vases.” American Journal of Archaeology 89: 515-516.

“A Preliminary investigation of coral-red glosses found on Attic Greek pottery.” In Papers on Special Techniques in Athenian Vases, edited by K. “Re-creating and firing a Greek kiln.” In Papers on Special Techniques in Athenian Vases, edited by K. A review of scientific research on the iron in Attic Greek glazes.” In Papers on Special Techniques in Athenian Vases, edited by K. Corinthian art depicted silhouettes and abstract designs rather than realistic plant and animal figures.Black Figure pottery is one of the most recognizable Greek pottery designs emerged. New York: Cambridge University Press and Materials Research Society. “Drawing circles: Experimental archaeology and the pivoted multiple brush.” American Journal of Archaeology 102 (3): 507-29. “Observations and theories on the technical development of coral-red gloss.” In Papers on Special Techniques in Athenian Vases, edited by K. “New Evidence for the Nature of Attic Black Gloss.” Archaeometry 35: 23-34. Pottery in Ancient Greece was painted with both abstract designs and realistic murals depicting everyday Greek life.Ancient Greek paintings and structures did not survive as well as Ancient Greek Pottery, so the paintings on the jugs, vases and pots provide the majority of the information archeologists discovered about ancient Greek life. C., the Greek islands were occupied by people called Mycenaeans. the protogeometrical (Earliest phase of geometric art in Greece ) period after the decorations on pottery from this time.


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