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They remain relevant to this day, though Jerry Garcia died over 20 years ago.The 50th Anniversary "Fare the Well" shows in 2015 at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA and Soldier Field in Chicago, IL were attended by over 360,000 people and grossed .2 million.

The experience of the music and the lifestyle planted seeds that have actually contributed to my success.

Many of the guiding principles of the music of the Grateful Dead and being a Deadhead are a lot like the guiding principles of being a User Experience Researcher. If you are not, my objective is to convert you, on the grounds that I believe it will make you a better Research professional!

Phil Lesh plays locally in the Bay Area at his club, Terrapin Crossroads, and still tours regularly, rocking hard with Phil & Friends, at age 77.

There are a number of tribute bands - Dark Star Orchestra, Stu Allen and the Mars Hotel, and Joe Russo's Almost Dead - who keep the music and the spirit vibrant and alive.

Apparently East Coast prep-school was at that time quite a breeding ground for young Deadheads. As the song says, "The bus came by and I got on," a reference to the famous magic bus of the Merry Pranksters.

My first show was 11/10/1985 at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, an enormous stadium. I bought Birkenstocks, surrounded myself with the scents of patchouli and incense, covered everything with tapestries, taught myself the art of beading, studied the mystical properties of crystals, and grew my hair.

In the Fall of 1985 I ventured to the East Coast to attend college at Trinity in Hartford, Connecticut.

There I quickly became exposed to the Dead, thanks to my classmates, many of whom had attended prep-schools.

” When we come from a place where everything is weird, our minds are open to the unexpected, to surprising revelations, and deep understanding.

When everything is weird, everything is interesting.


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