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Students get their grades back more quickly, and don’t have to anxiously wait.Even if you give your students a 2-page limit, grading 150 papers can take hours.

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All those descriptions can distract your focus from the students’ actual work. This will help you maintain focus on your students’ writing so that you can mark them attentively and quickly.

This is a pretty straightforward rubric, and very helpful for efficient grading.

And you set the stage for writing they might do in their future careers after school.

In the work world, reports, emails, and other professional pieces of writing need to be just long enough to accomplish their purpose.

But they must still be short enough to be read with ease.

And as an important fringe benefit, setting a maximum length also puts a limit on how much time you’ll need to spend giving each student paper the attention it needs as you grade.Traditionally, a lot of teachers have given their students a minimum length for writing assignments: at least 300 words, at least five pages, that sort of thing. What truly matters in a school essay is writing quality standards, as seen on the rubric.If a student can meet these standards with a relatively short paper, why not let them?This makes the grading process much faster while still allowing you to provide thorough feedback on this specific skill. For instance, if you just taught a few lessons on supporting evidence, you could write in-depth comments for ONLY supporting evidence on your students’ papers.For many students, it’s actually easier and more helpful to focus on one skill at a time.There are many different techniques that a teacher can use to assess their students' understanding of the concepts being taught. You will have to grade everything from papers to oral projects.Reviewing and grading dozens of student projects takes time!When assigning and subsequently grading papers, you want towork smarter, not harder.Setting clear expectations for your students, both in the classroom and for each assignment, will go a long way in guiding them toward success.Especially because telling students they need to exceed a minimum word or page count encourages “padding”—overly wordy sentences and unnecessary information that makes for lower-quality writing.By setting a maximum length, you encourage students to think about elegant simple ways to express themselves.


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