Gothic Literature Essay Prompt

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Summary: An important feature of the Gothic genre, the supernatural and the ideas associated it came in direct conflict at that time with the rational ideals of the Enlightenment.

Hollace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto (1764), Anne Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho, and Gregory Matthew Lewis' The Monk (1797) serve as examples of how and with what effects writers in the Gothic tradition exploited elements of the supernatural for their own literary purposes.

It also introduced the major Gothic themes, which would be discussed further.

One such Gothic theme which ties in with the idea of the supernatural is the idea of inherited evil, or the son paying for the sins of the...

) A handsome new neighbor and a haunted garden feature in this Southern gothic romance.

The e Book is free on Amazon this week, so grab it fast, and it’s always free to read on Kindle Unlimited!Gothic horror literature dates back to the 18th century as it is linked to one English author known as Horace Walpole after writing “The Castle of Otranto” novel.The second edition dubbed it a gothic story and this is believed to have been the start of what has now commonly become a gothic horror literature.Over the years, the literature works have continued to feed a certain pleasing kind of terror and an extension of romantic work pleasures that were comparatively new during the time when Walpole wrote his novel.Most importantly, this genre of literature has overly been attributed to romance and horrific thematic concerns.Gothic horror literature is somewhat perverse and strange family of stories that contain peculiar families defined with lots of scenes of incest and rape and further surrounded through marginal, indeterminate and illegitimate members.However, it is never completely clear concerning the legitimacy of membership of what has become a very big Gothic genre.It is made of poems, stories, novels, opera, fashion, music, comics, video games and films.All may not necessarily fit together in one family but have somewhat significant common traits.He invented the Gothic genre in 1764 with the introduction of 'The Castle of Otranto'.'The Castle of Otranto' was an overblown novel which gave readers the clichés that defined the Gothic, such as the foreboding castle, creaking hinges and extinguishing lamps.


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