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When facing a large vocabulary list such as this one, it’s easy to look at and consider it as a whole, a practice that creates a lot of unnecessary stress.Compartmentalization is a very useful study skill we can employ in exploring AP English Literature rhetorical terms. Try to think of these terms as independent parts that must be placed in different compartments so that they can be easily called up when they’re needed.Conquering the multiple-choice section of the English Literature AP exam depends in part on being able to identify and understand certain essential literary concepts, known in this article as rhetorical terms.

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Example: An easy way to think of consonance is to remember tongue twisters like “She sells sea shells down by the sea shore.” Refers to the author’s word choice Purpose: Diction is the umbrella term used to identify an author’s choice of words.

This is important to define because understanding diction allows the reader to identify other concepts like the tone of a piece, the intended audience, or even the era in which the piece was written.

You’ll know exactly where to find them when you need them if you study them in parts.

Consider the 15 rhetorical terms below the first set of words for you to study.

The author’s word choice can tip the reader off that an ethical appeal is being made.

An intentionally exaggerated statement or claim not meant to be taken literally but creating a desired humorous effect Purpose: A hyperbole involves exaggeration in order to create emphasis.Example: American Airlines, Best Buy, Coca-Cola An indirect or passing reference to an event, person, place, or artistic work Purpose: Allusion allows the audience to connect the characteristics of one object/concept to another.More often than not, an allusion in a literary work refers to some feature of another, previous literary work.Repetition of consonant sounds two or more times in short succession within a sentence or phrase Purpose: Consonance is, again, a device used by writers in order to create focus on a particular part of a piece.In many cases, consonance appears in poetry as a device used to create slant rhymes.Identifying an ethical appeal will be of particular use to readers when analyzing the work of the ancients.Example: Consider the overlap between diction and appeal.Purpose: A writer utilizes irony to show that the words they use do not necessarily represent their intended meaning.Further, irony can be manifest as a situation that does not pan out the way that the audience, speaker, or characters believe it will.Example: One everyday example of an allusion is “This place is a Garden of Eden.” Literally, the place probably isn’t evocative of the biblical Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis, but the intended meaning is that the setting is a paradise.Comparing two things or instances in time often based on their structure and used to explain a complex idea in simpler terms Purpose: Analogies are typically used to clarify or explain an author’s idea to the reader by likening a new idea to an older, better known one.


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