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What would happen if it really did rain cats and dogs? What are some of the things you could do that you cannot do now? What would happen if everyone wore the same clothes? What would happen if you threw a piece of trash on the ground? What are some of the questions you would like to ask animals? What would happen if you could become invisible whenever you wanted to? What if you could walk up walls and across ceilings? What would happen if you loved your neighbour as yourself? What would happen if there were no cars, buses, trains, boats, or planes?

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In order to hone these skills, seventh-grade students need regular practice writing a variety of essay styles, including narrative, persuasive, expository, and creative essays.It is the case when too vivid or too tired imagination can both work against you.The good news are that in the middle school the teachers are usually less strict when it comes to topic choice than in college.These narrative essay prompts encourage students to describe and reflect on a story that's meaningful to them.Persuasive essays use facts and reasoning to convince the reader to embrace the writer’s opinion or take a course of action.These essay prompts empower seventh graders to write persuasively about an issue they genuinely care about.If you get stuck on the stage of choosing the topic of your research paper, we can completely understand you.The following essay prompts offer age-appropriate starting points to help seventh graders flex their writing muscles.Narrative essays share a personal experience to tell a story, usually to make a point rather than merely to entertain.Perhaps a good habit to get our students into is the habit of daily writing. Just like the Read-180 students are asked to read silent for 20 minutes a day, maybe the CAHSEE students could start each class period with a Sustained Silent Writing period.


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